Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fish Chowder in Five Minutes

Don't keep that left over fish for too long; you'll end up having to throw it out!

Try making fish chowder with the cooked fish.

Chop up some onions  (after removing the onion's skin first) and celery (after washing, of course) and sauté them in butter/olive oil while you chop up some potatoes (Marash Girl does not peel the potatoes, but rather simply washes them in cool water before chopping.) 

Then chop up your leftover cooked fish (or fresh fish, if you have it, but it had better be very fresh or your house will stink of fish -- and this happened to Marash Girl once when she bought what was supposedly fresh white fish from Whole Foods!) Add fish to veggie mixture and saute.  Add thyme, if desired, salt and pepper.  Saute for a few minutes longer.  Add flour and stir if you want a thick chowder, or simply skip that step and add milk and/or cream and heat to complete the chowder.  "Delish," as Philip Craig's hero J.W. Jackson (of Martha's Vineyard Mysteries fame) would say!  Oh, and don't miss the book of Philip Craig's recipes, recipes gathered from his Martha's Vineyard Mysteries! (Delish! The J.W. Jackson Recipes; A Martha's Vineyard Cookbook published in paperback by Philip R. Craig and his wife Shirley Prada Craig).  And if you've never read Philip Craig's Martha's Vineyard mystery series (whether or not you have summered on the Vineyard), another treat awaits you!


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