Thursday, August 17, 2017

Clearing Out . . .

Today, Marash Girl called the church to find out what they would like to have for donations for their "Attic Treasures" table at their upcoming bazaar.  She was told, "No books. No dish sets."  What's going on?  Would this suggest that folks are no longer reading books (at least not buying them, even at 50 cents each), or that folks are no longer eating out of china/glass dishes (only takeout)?  Or even worse, never entertaining at home?  Yikes. Have times changed!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

"Hatred Has No Home Here" - Yesterday at the corner of Walnut and Beacon Streets, Newton, Massachusetts

Photo by unknown sister protestor
Counselor Scott Lennon, candidate for Mayor of Newton, Massachusetts, holds sign with Marash Girl proclaiming that "Hate Has No Home Here!" 
                                                                    "Love, Not Hate, Makes America Great!"               Photo by Marash Girl                             
                                                                                                               "Grandmothers for Peace!"                                   Photo by Marash Girl                                                                    

"No Room For Hate Anywhere!"

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Calling Names

Calling names is as old as mankind . . . or at least as old as Marash Girl.  Starting early on, kids in the neighborhood would call each other names, or in other ways "out" them.  How were we taught to respond?  With the simple statement, "Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me."  So sometimes the kids would reply to that by throwing sticks or stones!

Names will never hurt?  Depending on who you are, where you are, and who's calling you what names!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Freedom of Speech

The ongoing discussion about free speech brings to mind a discussion Marash Girl had with her mom and dad when she was nigh high to a grasshopper.

Her question:  "So is it okay if I tell someone that I think that their ugly?"

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Camp Haiastan

Dancing to a live Armenian band at Camp Haiastan today brought back memories of the old days, the very old days, when the dance floors at the Armenian picnics would be crowded, young and old dancing to music from their ancient homeland.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

The End of a Beautiful Vacation on Cape Cod

Marash Boy and Marash Girl drove Raffi to Liberty State Park where his mom picked him up.  It was the end of their wonderful vacation in Chatham on Old Cape Cod!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Paradise Clouded Over

It's always so much easier to leave paradise when it's clouded over!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

At the Rubber Duckie Store, Chatham, Massachusetts

Raffi at the Rubber Ducky Store, Chatham, Massachusetts

"Donald Take Quack America!"
                                                      Believe it or not, Raffi had to struggle his way through the line at Chatham's rubber duckie store, past adults of all sizes and ages.  He survived to tell the tale!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Trouble in Paradise

Upon first arriving in Chatham, on the walkway above Lighthouse Beach,  Marash Girl noticed a plethora of TV cameras, police cars, and local gawkers.

Fearing the worst, Marash Girl tentatively approached one of the TV broadcasters and asked what was going on.  "See that boat over there?  The boat on the front lawn of the lighthouse?"

"Yes.  What about it?"

"They just found a dead body in that boat."

 And on to Tuesday morning when Marash Girl walked to the local Ocean State Job Lot to buy a cap with a bill to keep the sun out of her eyes on her morning walks -- (MG had forgotten hers at home . . . ), she got to talking with the check out lady about Saturday's occurrence.  Marash Girl asked, "What happened yesterday?"
The woman behind the counter answered.  "He was a friend of my son's. A wonderful boy.  He was married with a little three year old daughter.  But he was bipolar. When he went missing, his family thought he had gone to Puerto Rico, leaving his car here at the beach.  He was a friend of my son -- oh, my son works for the sheriff's department.  They're going to check this out, believe me!  Some say that the Coast Guard is at fault, as once the young man got inside of the boat, the lock system prevented him from any means of escape!"

The next day, Marash Girl met a women -- they were both waiting to see the play at the Monomoy Theatre in Chatham.  Her son was friends with the young man.  All of Chatham is grieving this tragedy.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Troubled In Paradise

Yesterday, Marash Girl came upon evidence of a troubled mind, a troubled mind in paradise.  Attempting to help her grandson find the perfect "skipping" stones for skimming across the surface of the glacial pond, rather than flat stones, Marash Girl found flat pieces of broken glass.  Her grandson barefoot beside her,  Marash Girl became concerned, and ran ahead of him as she gathered the broken glass.  Strange, it had not been there the year before.  It was not sea glass, smoothed by the action of water.  This glass was sharp edged; glass shards.

Where had the glass come from?  Soon she was to find the answer.

A man came walking along the shore, asking Marash Girl what she was seeking along the edge of the pond.  Marash Girl explained.  He answered,  "My wife comes down here every day to clear the pond edge of broken glass.  We don't know where it's coming from."  Commiserating with the gentleman, Marash Girl continued to pocket the small pieces of broken glass.  The gentleman left, but soon a woman arrived, the gentleman's wife.  She repeated the story her husband had told Marash Girl.  

"I come down here every day and, as best I can, clear the edges of the pond of broken glass."  

"Where could this glass be coming from?" Marash Girl queried.

The woman answered.  "I think it's someone with a very sick mind.  S/he must come down here daily with a bag of broken glass and sprinkle it along the edge of the pond."

"But why?"

Readers, if you have the answer, please comment below.

Monday, August 7, 2017

I'm so rich . . .

Three fellows walk out of a bar . . .

Says one:  "I'm so rich, I can burn $10," as he takes out a ten dollar bill and holds a lighted match to it.

Says the second:  "I'm so rich, I can burn $20," as he takes out a twenty dollar bill and holds a lighted match to it.

Says the third: "I'm so rich, I can burn a $100," as he takes out his check book and writes a check for one hundred dollars, and holds a lighted match to it.

Upon telling brother James the above joke, brother James replied, "I'm so rich because I never burn money, ever!"

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Bored? Try a jigsaw puzzle!

 She was, and she did!  She completed this used once, 300 piece puzzle, the puzzle she had purchased on the first day of their Cape Cod vacation, while Marash Boy took a long summer's nap!  And, guess what?  There were no pieces missing!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Chatham: "All through the year, it's a holiday here!"

This structure was created for the 4th of July parade by artist Craig Phillips of Chatham, Massachusetts.  
Located on the corner of Route 28 and George Ryder Road,
the structure welcomes all to enjoy Chatham throughout the year.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Jigsaw Puzzles Mark Long Lazy Days

The first thing Marash Girl does when she is away on vacation is purchase a jigsaw puzzle -- at a yard sale, if she's lucky, the puzzle missing no pieces, if she's even luckier.  And this past week was no exception.  No sooner had they (Marash Girl and Marash Boy) turned the corner onto Indian Hill Road North but she saw -- yes -- a yard sale on the left, just before they had to take a right -- a yard sale that she would not have seen (and would that have made Marash Boy happy) had the sale occurred on the next block.

A yard sale at the end of the day, you say?

Yes!  When folks are trying to give away all that did not sell . . . and what was sitting there unsold but the making of her favorite vacation pastime (for those late nights, early mornings, or rainy days . . . rainy days on a vacation in New England?  Never (-:) !  You guessed it!  A jigsaw puzzle.  Granted, not a puzzle of the ocean or a lighthouse, but a puzzle of a "Riverfest"!  And as it's looking like rain outside (not inside, of course), Marash Girl just might finish that puzzle today, a week before her vacation ends.  She's wondering if another jigsaw puzzle will present itself before she has to leave for home . . .

Thursday, August 3, 2017


To celebrate Marash Boy's birthday, Marash Girl invited Marash Boy to the Monomoy Theatre in Chatham to see "110 in the Shade", a musical with Sarah Killough and Gregory Rodriguez in the lead roles and a live orchestra above the stage (NOT in the pit, where orchestra's are usually relegated) . . . Marash Girl's invitation was made with some trepidation, as Marash Boy is not known to "love" musicals; nevertheless, the invitation was made and accepted . . . much to everyone's joy!

The Monomoy Theatre's presentation of "110 in the Shade" is not to be missed.  The acting, the live orchestration, the singing, the cast, the performance as a whole was spectacular.

Granted, Marash Girl had secured front row seats in honor of Marash Boy's birthday, and still there were no flaws to be noted . . . no flaws whatsoever!

Based on the play, THE RAINMAKER, the show never ceased to entertain.

If you're on the Cape or near Chatham, go see THE RAINMAKER!  You won't be sorry!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Happy Birthday, Marash Boy!

                        Celebrating Marash Boy's birthday at Wequassett Resort, Harwich

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A curse or a blessing?

Thursday, wandering around Star Market looking for fresh fruit, Marash Girl happened upon a young woman who stood tall.  Something alerted her to speak to the young woman: "You're very beautiful."
Responding to Marash Girl's compliment, the young woman began recounting her struggle (and success) with overcoming an addiction to prescription medicine, prescription medicine that her doctors continued to prescribe.

The encounter reminded Marash Girl of her time in the hospital when the doctors prescribed Morphine to MG.  What it did to MG's head, she cannot describe.  "Can't you just give me aspirin?" she asked.  "No," they assured MG; "the aspirin will make you bleed."
"Well, I'm not taking this morphine.  I'd rather have the pain than deal with the effects that the morphine is causing in my head!" countered Marash Girl!

And we wonder why addiction is becoming so rampant!