Friday, August 4, 2017

Jigsaw Puzzles Mark Long Lazy Days

The first thing Marash Girl does when she is away on vacation is purchase a jigsaw puzzle -- at a yard sale, if she's lucky, the puzzle missing no pieces, if she's even luckier.  And this past week was no exception.  No sooner had they (Marash Girl and Marash Boy) turned the corner onto Indian Hill Road North but she saw -- yes -- a yard sale on the left, just before they had to take a right -- a yard sale that she would not have seen (and would that have made Marash Boy happy) had the sale occurred on the next block.

A yard sale at the end of the day, you say?

Yes!  When folks are trying to give away all that did not sell . . . and what was sitting there unsold but the making of her favorite vacation pastime (for those late nights, early mornings, or rainy days . . . rainy days on a vacation in New England?  Never (-:) !  You guessed it!  A jigsaw puzzle.  Granted, not a puzzle of the ocean or a lighthouse, but a puzzle of a "Riverfest"!  And as it's looking like rain outside (not inside, of course), Marash Girl just might finish that puzzle today, a week before her vacation ends.  She's wondering if another jigsaw puzzle will present itself before she has to leave for home . . .


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