Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Troubled In Paradise

Yesterday, Marash Girl came upon evidence of a troubled mind, a troubled mind in paradise.  Attempting to help her grandson find the perfect "skipping" stones for skimming across the surface of the glacial pond, rather than flat stones, Marash Girl found flat pieces of broken glass.  Her grandson barefoot beside her,  Marash Girl became concerned, and ran ahead of him as she gathered the broken glass.  Strange, it had not been there the year before.  It was not sea glass, smoothed by the action of water.  This glass was sharp edged; glass shards.

Where had the glass come from?  Soon she was to find the answer.

A man came walking along the shore, asking Marash Girl what she was seeking along the edge of the pond.  Marash Girl explained.  He answered,  "My wife comes down here every day to clear the pond edge of broken glass.  We don't know where it's coming from."  Commiserating with the gentleman, Marash Girl continued to pocket the small pieces of broken glass.  The gentleman left, but soon a woman arrived, the gentleman's wife.  She repeated the story her husband had told Marash Girl.  

"I come down here every day and, as best I can, clear the edges of the pond of broken glass."  

"Where could this glass be coming from?" Marash Girl queried.

The woman answered.  "I think it's someone with a very sick mind.  S/he must come down here daily with a bag of broken glass and sprinkle it along the edge of the pond."

"But why?"

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