Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A curse or a blessing?

Thursday, wandering around Star Market looking for fresh fruit, Marash Girl happened upon a young woman who stood tall.  Something alerted her to speak to the young woman: "You're very beautiful."
Responding to Marash Girl's compliment, the young woman began recounting her struggle (and success) with overcoming an addiction to prescription medicine, prescription medicine that her doctors continued to prescribe.

The encounter reminded Marash Girl of her time in the hospital when the doctors prescribed Morphine to MG.  What it did to MG's head, she cannot describe.  "Can't you just give me aspirin?" she asked.  "No," they assured MG; "the aspirin will make you bleed."
"Well, I'm not taking this morphine.  I'd rather have the pain than deal with the effects that the morphine is causing in my head!" countered Marash Girl!

And we wonder why addiction is becoming so rampant!


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