Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Trouble in Paradise

Upon first arriving in Chatham, on the walkway above Lighthouse Beach,  Marash Girl noticed a plethora of TV cameras, police cars, and local gawkers.

Fearing the worst, Marash Girl tentatively approached one of the TV broadcasters and asked what was going on.  "See that boat over there?  The boat on the front lawn of the lighthouse?"

"Yes.  What about it?"

"They just found a dead body in that boat."

 And on to Tuesday morning when Marash Girl walked to the local Ocean State Job Lot to buy a cap with a bill to keep the sun out of her eyes on her morning walks -- (MG had forgotten hers at home . . . ), she got to talking with the check out lady about Saturday's occurrence.  Marash Girl asked, "What happened yesterday?"
The woman behind the counter answered.  "He was a friend of my son's. A wonderful boy.  He was married with a little three year old daughter.  But he was bipolar. When he went missing, his family thought he had gone to Puerto Rico, leaving his car here at the beach.  He was a friend of my son -- oh, my son works for the sheriff's department.  They're going to check this out, believe me!  Some say that the Coast Guard is at fault, as once the young man got inside of the boat, the lock system prevented him from any means of escape!"

The next day, Marash Girl met a women -- they were both waiting to see the play at the Monomoy Theatre in Chatham.  Her son was friends with the young man.  All of Chatham is grieving this tragedy.


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