Monday, September 4, 2017

A Reposting from Facebook

Years ago, Kenar and Marash Girl collected Armenian Nursery Rhymes from Medzmama when the little ones were little.  Those rhymes are somewhere deep in the files, to be discovered one day (soon, Marash Girl hopes).  In the meantime, please accept this reposting from Facebook with thanks to Maro Nercessian Katalaris.  Can anyone out there provide a translation?

Maro Nercessian Katalaris
Maro Nercessian Katalaris2:54am Aug 4
Armenian Nursery Rhyme/ Lullaby Aintab mothers said to their children. Remember Armenian language was spoken differently back then.

Djor, Djor, Djor Mama,
Djorig maman jam g'erta
Gorgod abour bish enna,
Yeghe vran khesh enna.
Kkachon oude, josh enna,
Lop, Lop Ashenna.


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