Monday, October 9, 2017

Composting à la Adrien

Years ago, Adrien Parsekian of Troy, New York (I think . . . not sure of the spelling of his first name) showed me a new style of composting.  Beginning in one corner of his back yard, he would dig a hole slightly smaller than  the circumference of his original antique garbage pail cover.  In that hole he would throw vegetable and fruit peelings and leavings (his compost), throwing over the leavings a shovel full of dirt  and covering the hole with the antique garbage pail cover so that no animals could get at the would be compost.  He would add to the compost daily with vegetable and fruit peelings and soil (no meat or products containing meat).  As soon as the hole was nearly full, he would fill it to the brim with soil, cover it with a rock or two so that no animal could dine in, and then Adrien would dig another hole in his back yard and start the process all over again.  It was a brilliant method of composting.  Adrien . . . are you still composting in this manner? Do you have the most lush grass/garden in the neighborhood?


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