Friday, November 10, 2017 ask for your support!

Lorig Charkoudian (on left) running for Maryland's District 20 Delegate,
goes door to door as she begins her campaign.

Dear Marash Girl,
Over the last few months, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many 
of you in person while knocking on doors in your neighborhood. 
I learned a lot about your concerns: the educational opportunities 
for your children, the preservation of the environment, and economic 
justice for the everyone in our community.You also shared with me 
the things that you love most about living in District 20, and as the 
holiday season approaches, I’m thinking a lot about all we have to be 
thankful for. There’s a rich sense of inclusiveness in our communities--
cultural diversity is one of our District’s greatest strengths. We are so 
fortunate to have a community committed to building a better world. 
I am inspired by the social change agents who live in District 20 and 
spend every day of their lives working to make this world 
a better place. And we can’t forget about our beautiful parks 
and waterways, including the Sligo Creek and Northwest Branch, the 
Martin Luther King Jr. Recreational Park, and our neighborhood parks, 
that connect us to our beautiful planet and to each other. Finally, as 
Veterans Day draws closer, we are grateful for our veterans and their 
families for the sacrifices they have made and continue to make.
There’s so much to love about being a resident in District 20, and I’m 
committed to making sure that everyone who lives here has the 
opportunity to enjoy everything our district has to offer. I have a 
strong record of civic engagement in District 20, and I know that 
I can help this district even more as your representative in Annapolis.
It’s a huge task and I’m up for the challenge, but I need your help to 
get there!
Please volunteer to help spread the word about my campaign. You 
can join me for the Silver Spring Thanksgiving Parade on November 18. 
Volunteer Here.
Our Yard Signs have arrived!  Let us know if you want a yard sign to show 
your support and let your neighbors know about my candidacy.  
E-mail to have one delivered to your house. 
Please make a contribution to my campaign so I can reach more voters. 
Contribute Here.
Please also join us for Star Wars Trivia Night.
Thank you for all of your support! I hope that you will join my campaign so that 
together we can enhance everything that we love about District 20 Maryland.

Paid for by Friends of Lorig Charkoudian, Jill Feasley, Treasurer, Tebabu Assefa, Chair
Friends of Lorig Charkoudian
P.O. Box 11281
Takoma Park MD 20913 United States


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