Thursday, February 1, 2018

A Trip to Martha's Vineyard in the Middle of a New England Winter

Bored with the long, cold winter days? Miss those summer's on Martha's Vineyard?  Grab a copy of any of Philip Craig's Martha's Vineyard Mysteries and have a ball!  Marash Girl had read all of those mysteries and therefore never thought of reading them again, but as luck would have it, she wandered into a supermarket in the south of Maine this past weekend and there on a shelf opposite the checkout counter was a first edition, signed, hardcover copy (with dust jacket) in perfect condition, a copy of Philips Craig's second mystery: The Woman Who Walked Into The Sea.  Marash Girl had purchased that book (though not that copy, of course,) many years ago during an idyllic week in Edgartown.  She had read the book, passed it on, and then read all the books that followed (as well as those that preceded).  (Philip Craig wrote over 20 novels.)  Marash Girl wishes that Philip Craig were still with us, and that there were more Martha's Vineyard Mysteries  to look forward to reading!


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