Saturday, June 25, 2011

Billy Bulger, The Harvard Club, and Chocolate Chip Cookies

All of the radio/TV/newspaper discussion about the capture of Whitey Bulger reminds me that I recently heard Whitey's brother, Billy, speak at The Harvard Club in Boston, (see Billy Bulger, the Harvard Club, and My Mother).
Billy Bulger signing his books at the Harvard Club, March 2011. Photo Credit: Joyce Greenberg
 The Billy Bulger presentation had everyone laughing, especially his quip, "Don't confuse people with the facts," a comment particularly relevant to today's news commentators reporting on the capture of Billy's brother, Whitey Bulger. Folks waited in line to have their copies of William Bulger's latest book, JAMES MICHAEL CURLEY autographed by the author.  

As Marash Girl was at the end of that line, rather than wait, she decided to wander over to the cookie table, and there she met a gentle and beautiful woman who was circling the same table.  "These are the best," she said, as she pointed at some large round raisin studded oatmeal cookies. . . And these, too," she said, as she picked up several chocolate chip cookies and added them to her napkin full of oatmeal cookies.  "I'm taking these home to my husband; he just loves cookies.  You take some too!  They're only going to throw them away; can't serve them again once they've been out like this!"  Marash Girl, a bit hesitant, wrapped two chocolate chip cookies in a napkin for her husband (Marash Boy hates cookies, so guess who was going to eat them...) "My name is Marash Girl, what's yours?" Marash Girl asked before leaving the table.  "Oh," the gentle and beautiful woman answered, switching the cookies to her left hand, so that she could shake my right hand.  "I'm Mary. . ."


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