Saturday, February 28, 2015

A thank you to the family for past kindnesses

Sevan Sisserian wrote on Facebook:
"Hello, I am not from the Bilezikjian family . But very grateful for their kindness. 
When my grandmother, her sister and my great grandmother escaped from Marash [during the genocide] they stayed with the Bilezikjian family in Aleppo until they were able to be on their own."  May God bless all of those who helped their "brothers and sisters" in time of need.


  1. Our Uncle Vartan, the preacher, who never took a dime for his work, always had an apartment ready for those fleeing from the near east, and who had no other place to go, and who had no money to offer in payment. Our uncle, Vartan Bilezikian, who preached the gospel to Moslem Turkish villagers, and who was sentenced to death for preaching the truth, died one year after the genocide of the unborn began in America, in 1973.

  2. Correction: Uncle Vartan died one year before plague struck the unborn in this country, a plague of the soul and spirit, the serpent waging war against the seed of the woman.