Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Jacket from the Past

This morning Marash Girl was browsing through her emails and there she saw a link to a Facebook page that contained a photo of the jacket (at least similar to the jacket) that her great grandmother (Noussia (Lucia) Danielian Bosnian, born in Aintep in 1855, died in Winchester, MA, 1944) had gifted Marash Girl's mother -- Marash Girl's mother's jacket was purple velvet with gold threaded embroidery, puffed upper sleeves (in the fashion of the late 19th century) and fitted lower sleeves.  Marash Girl's great grandmother was an Armenian who hailed from Aintep (now known as Gaziaintab) until she had to leave (in the early 20th Century) to escape the Genocide of the Armenian citizens who were living in the Ottoman Empire.  Noussia settled in Winchester, Massachusetts, and brought with her little more than the jacket (her wedding jacket, is Marash Girl's guess) that she later gifted to Marash Girl's mom, Lucille Mae Vartanian.  No doubt that the museum has not identified the jacket as "Armenian!"  Or has it?
 Photo of jacket in a museum in Marash - jacket pre-1920 
Photo Credit:  Facebook's Kahraman Marash page


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