Saturday, March 14, 2015


Marash Girl packaged the books that had been ordered from her for the day and made her way to the post office, as she did every day.  But this day was different.  When she handed her last package to the clerk at the post office, he began laughing.  
"What's up," Marash Girl asked.  
"This is the first time I'm seeing this!" answered the clerk between chuckles.  "Did you see where this package is going?  The address says Frostproof, Florida!  Is this a joke?" Of course, for those folks in snow-worn Massachusetts, it certainly seemed like a joke. The postal clerk checked to make sure. "It's real!" he exclaimed.

When Marash Girl returned to her office, she checked out Frostproof, Florida on Wikipedia, and this is what she found:

"The name Frostproof was a marketing ploy to convince potential Florida landowners that the town had never had, and never would have, a frost that could destroy the large citrus-driven economy. However, only a couple of years later, a frost killed most of the citrus in Frostproof."  

Oh, the ironies of life.  "Man plans and God laughs!"


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