Thursday, September 3, 2015

Çek bakhiim!

"Çek bakhiim!"  Nishan chuckled as he offered the plate of chi kufte to his guests at the dining room table at 17 Dearborn Street.  

"Çek bakhiim!" chuckled Marash Boy as he quoted his father, offering dolma to Murat at the dinner table on Maple Avenue.   

Murat laughed.  "You're supposed to say that when you're offering me a drink of whiskey from a bottle.  You know!  Tip the bottle up and "chug" (in English) or "çek" in the Turkish of Marash!

"Oh," exclaimed Marash Boy.  "So that's why my father would chuckle every time he offered the platter of pilaf to the guests at our dining room table with the words, "Çek bakhiim!" He was playing on the phrase that he always used on Wilbraham Mountain when he offered a drink to his buddies straight from the bottle!"

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