Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Tree Surgeon and the Fallen Limb

What? A limb is hanging loose from our 60 year old Norwegian Maple Tree?  A loose limb hanging over our neighbor's yard?  Yikes.

Get rid of it!

She complained.

We obeyed.

But a week later, another huge limb fell into our neighbor's yard from that very same tree.  (Luckily, at the time, no one was standing under the tree for its protective shade or gazing up into its leafy boughs!) What the heck?  The expert tree folks had just checked the tree!

Calling the tree surgeon that next week (the week after he had checked the tree), he explained that he had realized that the limb was on the edge, but that he hadn't wanted to remove that second limb because it "protected" us from the neighbors having full view of our back yard activities. In what activities did the tree surgeon think that we engaged?


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