Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Daughter Tells Her Father's Story

Marash Girl recently attended a presentation by NAASR on the publication of Yervant Alexanian's account of his early life, FORCED INTO GENOCIDE, a book compiled by Adrienne G. Alexanian, the author's daughter.  According to Ms. Alexanian, her father had kept notes hidden away from the family in a drawer, notes which she found after his death, and published in book form.  

It made Marash Girl wonder . . . how many stories are hidden away in attic trunks, in bottom drawers, in notebooks long ignored?  How many stories are hidden away in the memory of our loved ones, or in our own childhood memories -- stories which have been told to us repeatedly, stories which we have chosen to ignore . . .  How many?  Now is the time to record those stories!  your father's/mother's/grandfather's/grandmother's stories. . .  Use the modern convenience of audio/video, computer, or the old-fashioned method of handwriting . . . or ask a friends to ask you about your parents/grandparents story while they videotape your answer . . . Don't wait!  Now is the time!  Now is the time!


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