Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Knitting In Life

Yesterday evening, Marash Girl began to knit a scarf using newly purchased, beautiful yarn, but as she started knitting, the beautiful yarn was not becoming a beautiful scarf.  Why?  What could she do?  And then she remembered that just as in cooking, just as in life, she needed to add another ingredient . . . another color . . . another texture . . . another strand of yarn.  The stitch alone was not enough.  Note of warning here:  be careful what you add, especially to the soup . . . you can alway rip out the knitting, but the soup?  

Okay, you philosophers out there . . . how would you apply this to life?  Your life?  The life of others?

1 comment:

  1. I have been a fortunate guest of Marash Girl and have certainly appreciated her cooking skills, conversation, and much else - her practice revealed here of adding something else works, for sure! It is far more practical than Coco Chanel's advice of remove something, and also fits MG's generous nature.