Friday, July 21, 2017

Attending Jim's Memorial Service on Old Cape Cod

It was Thursday, a perfect Cape Cod day; Marash Girl and Marash Boy in Chatham to attend a memorial service for their good friend, Jim Patriquin.  And they did.  They remembered Jim so well as did all of his friends.  A wonderful man, Jim.  And sorely missed.

Following the service, Marsh Girl and Marash Boy headed back to their little cabin off of Pleasant Street in Chatham --  a cabin that reminded Marash Girl of the days she spent as a child in Rumney, New Hampshire.  A simple cabin in the woods, with an outdoor shower, and the beach a half mile walk down the street.

Marash Boy dutifully parked the old Volvo station wagon behind the cabin to ensure that the rutted dirt road around the cabin would be free for others visiting the cabin enclave.  And that, as they say, was where the "rubber hit the road", or rather, in this scenario, the radiator hit a boulder and the water flowed out of the radiator and made the grass below the car very happy, but the driver of the car very unhappy.

Thanks to AAA, Marash Boy was able to arrange a ride (for the car and its passengers), the car on the back of the tow truck, the owners on the front seat of the tow truck, all the way back to Newton, safe and sound.  The passengers, that is.  The car ended up in the repair shop, for how long, they have yet to learn!


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