Sunday, July 2, 2017

Composting and Auntie Rose

Have I written about Auntie Rose's method of composting before, or should I say, her method of loving up her plants?

During the preparation of every meal, Auntie Rose would gather vegetable peelings into small piles and, at the end of the meal. add to the piles any vegetables that were left on the plates of her guests.

Out she would go to her flower garden (a magnificent garden and now you'll know why) and carefully trowel around her plant(s) of choice, gently working into the ground around the plant(s) the day's vegetable peelings and vegetable leavings, petting the plants, and crooning to them as she went.  As you might imagine, she had the most magnificent garden in the neighborhood.  No artificial sprays, no artificial chemicals.

She probably "sprayed" her plants with dishwater (after she had washed her dishes, of course), as Medzmama used to do, taking the pan of dirty dishwater and tossing the water (not the pan) over the plants of choice.

You should have seen her garden!


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