Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, Lorig!

                 Aravodoun pechets hov,                                                   Lorig, Lorig, ays dari
                 Ardu dzupats,  tartsav dzov,                                             Serdus  tsaner em kari
                 Ardin mechen turav lor,                                                    Oor vor yertas shoud tartsir,
                 Turav ingav tsore tsor.                                                      Ardis mechu munatsir.

                 Gulorig, kulorig, ay Lorig,                                                 Gulorig, kulorig, ay Lorig,
                 Oror--moror, shororig.                                                       Oror--moror, shororig.

This is an Armenian lullaby/love song using the metaphor of the soft, round quail for the loved one.


  1. Rough translation:

    The morning wind blew
    The field rippled, turned to sea
    From the field flew a quail
    It flew and fell in the barley

    Hey rolly, polly, little quail
    Rocking in the barley

    Little quail, little quail, this year,
    I harvest barley in my field
    Where, where do you go, come back soon
    Stay in my field

    Hey rolly, polly, little quail
    Rocking in the barley

    1. I think rolly polly would be better translated soft and round. Rolly polly has negative connotations, and this song is not negative in any way!

  2. Lorig is a small quail, a baby quail I guess. It's good that I have the words to this song finally because I could never make them out; this song is usually sung very fast for some reason. Some of this is dialect . . .