Friday, February 10, 2012

Lucky in games, unlucky in love. Lucky in love, unlucky in games.

Whenever Marash Girl played Backgammon (Tavlu) ardently hoping to win, she would invariably lose.  Because of her loss, a visiting uncle always comforted her with these words:  "Lucky in love, unlucky in games." Or was it,  "Lucky in games, unlucky in love."  (Either way, the poetry of the comforting words sounded a lot better in Armenian.) Whichever way that expression went, here's the wisdom that Marash Girl gleaned from those "comforting" words . . . "Be careful what you wish for!"


  1. Thank you for the wonderful surprise TEA PARTY (and delicious bite to eat) at your house on Wednesday night! It's so rare and wonderful to sit around and chit-chat kibitz for a few hours about nothing with friends. Let's do it again, soon!

  2. I am pleased that marsh girl has finally come out of the closet! She is a Tea Partier, after all.