Monday, October 22, 2012

A Cardinal Whistles in the Night and in the Light

After once again hearing the mystery bird whistling in the light (scroll down to see yesterday's blog post), Marash Girl, deciding to do some research, listened to every owl call that she could, and although none of them sounded like her night bird's whistle, one of them sounded suspiciously like a coyote!  Researching further, she discovered that scientists believe cardinals to have over 16 different whistles. As the cardinal's style of whistling was the closest to the style (though not the intonation) of the calls she had been hearing, Marash Girl began to suspect that her mystery bird was the cardinal.  And sure enough, at around 10:30 yesterday morning, soon after Marash Girl had heard those whistles, the same whistles she had heard in the night, she looked out of her kitchen window and saw the male cardinal who loves to hover amongst the evergreens that separate the houses, and yes, Marash Girl has decided that the bird calling in the night is  the resident cardinal who probably lives outside of the very kitchen window near which Marash Girl prepares meals for several hours each day.  

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