Friday, October 19, 2012


The earthquake wolverine story (scroll down to see yesterday's blog post) is not so difficult to imagine for those of us who once lived in a cabin on the top of Wilbraham Mountain, the cabin taken away by the tornado of 2011.  In addition to the cries of coyotes calling into the night, one late evening, thumping and shaking on the corner of the cabin's roof awakened the family, and soon, flying squirrels came flying through the roof, crawling down the walls, not as shy as one might think a wild creature to be.  In fact, not shy at all.  The family felt not only trespassed upon, but clearly threatened.  Shouting and waving did nothing; the creatures were fearless.  The only object slightly resembling a weapon in the cabin was a flashlight, a weapon not to be thrown, but to be used as it was meant to be used.  Shining the light directly into the eyes of the flying squirrels stopped them, literally, in their tracks,  and caused them to flee  . A light shining in the darkness proved to be as effective as holding a cross up to ward away the evil spirits.  In fact, perhaps what the flying squirrels saw in that light was a cross, a cross which made them decide to take to the woods, literally.  


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