Thursday, October 18, 2012

More on the earthquake as experienced in Newton Corner and Auburndale

Yesterday, catching up on errands, Marash Girl stopped at the bank in Newtonville.  Greeting her favorite teller, Marash Girl asked  whether or not she had felt the earthquake the night before.  "Earthquake?" she replied.  "So that's what it was! I  called my husband (who was driving at the time), and he said he had felt nothing; I called my son (who had been playing tennis) . . . no, he had felt nothing.  I was holding onto my lamp so it wouldn't fall off the table, it was shaking so badly!  I thought that perhaps it was a car crash or an accident of some kind -- but when I looked there was nothing!  I never thought to check the radio or TV to see if anyone else had experienced the roar and the tremor!" Marash Girl is convinced that the bank employee was secretly relieved to learn that it was only an earthquake that she had experienced, and not the experiencing of a newly arrived ghost in Newton Corner.

And then there was Marash Girl's friend in Auburndale who thought that a wolverine had just broken through the roof of her house and had fallen along the length of the wall, only to land behind the sofa in which she was sitting . . . 

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  1. I've heard lots of descriptions of earthquakes (since I live in California) but never has a wolverine figured in any of them! During a big quake, my daughter thought a giant had picked up her little cottage and was shaking it.