Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Slippery Slippers?

Recently Marash Girl treated herself to a brand new pair of slippers.  Walking around the house barefoot is fine in the summer and fall, but by the time the early morning temperature of the floor hits 50 degrees, feet bottoms long for a bit of comfort and warmth.  The problem, however, is that slippers these days are either not warm (the fancy, flimsy type) or not fun (the ugly warm type).   Waiting for Kenar's bus to arrive in Framingham yesterday -- (the Peter Pan Bus took two hours to arrive from Downtown Springfield to Framingham Shopper's World!  A true local!) -- Marash Girl wandered around and guess what she saw hanging on the wall in the farthest corner of Marashall's (a deliberate typo!) -- the perfect pair of slippers -- cozy, not too ugly, and warm!  (She has them on right now, and the slippers are, yes, true to their promise -- cozy and toasty warm!)

Yesterday, announcing to her daughter the news of the new slippers, her daughter asked, "But do they have rubber soles?"  Whoops -- a little detail Marash Girl had waived -- but the heavens were good to Marash Girl, and peering at the soles of her new slippers, Marash Girl announced, "No, the slippers don't have rubber soles, but they're not slippery either; the slippers have the latest in comfy, non-slip soles."  Non-slip slippers.  Now how could Marash Girl go from this discussion of slippers to a discussion of the politicians of the day . . . She'll let her readers take over . . . she's walking back to bed wearing her new slippers!


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