Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Four Mrs. Hemingways

Following a dramatic first reading of Robert Pushcar's new play, The Four Mrs. Hemingways, ( r.) Judy Braha, (Boston University Professor of Theater, Director of Joyce Van Dyke's play, Deported),  Robert Pushcar (playwright, The Four Mrs Hemingways), Paul T Boghosian, (film and theater producer, According to TipTanya and Nancy - the rock opera, The Four Mrs. HemingwaysDr. Miss Garland), and Dick Flavin, (playwright, author of According to Tip), pose for Marash Girl's camera at Boston University.
Marash Girl was honored to be among the chosen few to experience the play The Four Mrs. Hemingways , (albeit a dramatic reading) read aloud for the very first time.  Stay tuned!


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