Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A joke from Sassountsi David

Goldstein retired and he wanted to find something to occupy himself with. He tried tennis, stamp collecting and other things but nothing really took him.
Then he decided to try Christianity and he "took instruction" in a good Episcopalian church. The day came for him to made a member of the congregation and after the service the minister announced;
"Today we would like to welcome into our congregation Mr. Abe Goldstein.  Mr. Goldstein would like to say a few words on this momentous occasion? "
Goldstein comes up to the pulpit. He's choking down tears of emotion and can barely speak. Finally he manages to blurt out,  "Fellow Goyim...."

(Sassountsi David, Marash Girl's Jewish Armenian wanna-be friend was kind enough to email Marash GIrl the above joke. . . More to follow)


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