Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Walking South from Penn Station

Getting off the train at Penn Station left us with little choice.  There was a line of folks a block long awaiting the next taxi, and the day was too beautiful to go underground, so we decided to walk and were well rewarded for our decision by the variety of interesting window displays we passed . . . 

                                               Above:  The hookahs of New York City
                                                                     Flowers in March
The long awaited surprise . . . an Armenian restaurant in the heart of New York City?  Could it be?  Although the bartender and the wait staff did not speak Armenian, the young owner came out and engaged us in conversation, yes, in Western Armenian, explaining that the restaurant is family owned, one of several restaurants owned throughout the east (the Middle East, that is), in Beirut, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Riyadh.  We felt very fortunate to sample our (almost) home cooked cuisine on 21st Street between Broadway and Park Avenue, in the heart of New York City.

                                              And yes, they even served Merjumek Kufte!


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