Friday, October 24, 2014

Indoor Gardening á la Thalassa Cruso

Many years ago, Marash Girl read Thalassa Cruso's Making Things Grow, a  gardening book with verve and humor.  To this day, Marash Girl remembers two points from the book, both of which made her smile at the time, and make her smile today.

Cruso cautions us to wash those emptied plant pots before putting them away in a corner of the cellar.  You wouldn't put dirty dishes on a shelf, would you? she asked.

Does Marash Girl remember correctly?  Did Thalassa Cruso really ask, "Do you keep fresh flowers after they have wilted or worse, died? Why keep a potted plant that is not thriving?  Simply buy another!"

That theory, of course, would have been anathema to Marash Boy's mother, who would rescue wilted twigs from the sale shelf at the back of the "Five and Ten" and with her last five or ten cents, buy a twig and nurse it into a living, thriving plant!

Would that Marash Girl had Medzmama's green thumb! Or Thalassa Curso's, for that matter!

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  1. I loved that show..altho I have no skills in pit gardening. My strongest recollection is her vigorously breaking up old pots to make shards for the bottom drainage of new ones. She probably washed them first but I don't remember that part.