Wednesday, October 8, 2014

On Burnt Toast

A comment by Brother James on yesterday's blogpost entitled Burt and the Burnt Pancakes (see below) states, "Remember the assurance, 'if you eat burnt toast, you will find money'? I suspect that saying derived from before reliable toasters were on the market. Trying to toast bread over a fire, or coals virtually guarantees its being burnt. Ah, but did we find money! Did we ever!"

Interesting to note that Marash Boy remembers his grandmother Turvant Sanjian (born in Marash, survivor of the Armenian genocide) assuring him that if he ate burnt toast, he would find money. Sure enough, immediately after his eating burnt toast, his grandmother would take him, often with his cousin George, on walks along the path behind their house, a path that meandered through the woods. Invariably the little boys would find coins along that path, coins that, unbeknownst to them,  their grandmother had strewn . . . earlier in the day? or then and there? They never did figure that out!


  1. To this day, I prefer the taste of burnt bread, well, almost burnt. Being the grown-up I can't afford to eat burnt bread, or to serve it to my children. But, then, technology has solved all that, and with perfect toast, one more wonder of the world, has been lost.

  2. My toasters over the years, and toaster ovens, have always been imperfect. Burnt edges at least, and burnt stripes on the bottom in the toaster oven. Good for James to have found the one efficient device!

    1. Really? You must be exceedingly wealthy! Have you thanked those faulty toasters yet?