Thursday, March 10, 2016

Gary Lind-Senanian Addresses Radcliffe Class of '62 at the Armenian Museum of America

Above: Gary Lind-Senanian explains that every young Armenian man was taught to carve "khatchkars" as the young Armenian women were taught needle lace.  See an example of a khatchkar  (literally, cross of stone) to the right of Gary in the photo above.

Radcliffe Class of 1962 had a special treat in store for them yesterday when they visited the Armenian Museum of America.  A wealth of knowledge, the curator, Gary Lind-Senanian gave them an in depth tour of Armenian art and history as he wended his way through the museum, leading the group through the many and varied artifacts on view at ALMA.  Thank you, Gary, from the ladies of the Radcliffe Class of 1962.

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  1. Very interesting! I look forward to another visit to ALMA this summer.