Saturday, March 12, 2016

Has it become acceptable in this society to "dis" Born Again Christians?

Since when is it okay to "dis" 'Born Again Christians'?  Can't touch Native Americans, Blacks, Asians, Jews, Catholics, Italians, Irish, but . . .

The most recent of many such occurrences was at a Mystery Book Club sponsored by a public library, when the leader of the group commented that a mystery writer of note had "accepted Jesus". Without hesitation, one of the participants in the group (rolling her eyes) exclaimed, "Oh, God!"   Her first time at the group, Marash Girl could only comment (resisting rolling her own eyes), "No, not God.  Jesus."


  1. Is it acceptable to “dis” born-again Christians? I say no. I have some thoughts on why the dissing happens and I’ll present those thoughts in the form of the following question: To all you self-professed born-again Christians out there, how do you like to spend some of your free time? Is it by pointing fingers at others or is it by extending a helping hand to others?

  2. I hope folks don't equate Trump's supporters with born-again Christians, or Christians of any ilk!