Wednesday, March 23, 2016

On Throwing Stones . . .

One day, Peter was driving up to the little Armenian Protestant church in Watertown, the church in which his uncle, Rev. Vartan Bilezikian, preached, when he noticed several boys throwing stones at the front of the church.  "What are you doing?" he asked the boys.

"We're throwing stones at this church."

"Why?" asked Peter.

"It's not Catholic.  It's bad.  It's a Protestant Church," the boys answered. 
"Who told you that?" Peter asked.  No answer. "I'll tell you what," Peter went on.  "You go to your priest and ask him if it's alright to throw stones at a Protestant Church. If he says it's okay, then come back, and   I'll help you throw the stones next Sunday."

"Okay, Mister," said the little boys.

The boys (who most probably did not live in glass houses) were never again seen throwing stones at the little Armenian Protestant Church on Arlington Street in Watertown, Massachusetts.


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