Monday, October 10, 2016

Election, anyone?

After last night's US presidential candidates' debate, Marash Girl received a text from her sister who commented (as a Trump supporter) that Trump was fantastic!  Today Marash Girl received an email forwarded by her brother that compared Trump's treatment by the press to the treatment of Jesus by the Romans.  Really.  Her brother and sister?

Needless to say, they are not in sync with Marash Girl or Marash Boy.  Whoever wins the presidency of the United States, (and Marash Girl is restraining herself here from making public judgement),  may s/he be presidential in character, a lover of all people (not a lover of all women), and knowledgeable about world affairs (not just finances).

May the Lord bless and keep us from hatred and idiocy!


  1. Yes, may the next POTUS lead the country by, among other things, welcoming the stranger and loving our neighbors as ourselves. Though that seems a tall task for both major party candidates, but likely more for one than the other.

  2. James is just too funny.