Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Kegham Mississyan and No-Cal Soft Drinks

For whatever reason, Marash Girl, chatting with Marash Boy yesterday, remember Kegham Mississyan and how he saved Marash Girl from a lifetime of artificially sweetened soft drinks.

Marash Girl and her cousin Pauline, many years ago, were fascinated by the introduction to the United States supermarkets of non-caloric soft drinks. . . certainly the perfect solution for young girls wanting to keep their shapely figures.  But no, not the solution.  Dr. Kegham Mississyan, Zabelle Mississyan's brother, recently arrived from Beirut, was visiting upstairs, and in the dining room when cousin Pauline and Marash Girl, early in their teenage years,  were celebrating in Auntie Zabelle's breakfast nook, shouting happily over their discovery that they could drink all the soda they wanted and never put on an  ounce.  Destroying all hope of such an easy sollution, Kegham warned them that the artificial sweeteners would do major damage to the health of the individual ingesting those drinks.  That, in fact, they may become more svelt, but, in the long run, did they really want to be skinny corpses? 

The warning stuck with them . . . they never ingested those artificially sweetened soft drinks.  And, yes, they did see the damage to the health of those of their friends who, in the hopes of remaining svelte, made a habit of imbibing artificially sweetened soft drinks.  God rest their souls.


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