Monday, October 24, 2016

Keep Your Toes Warm!

As the days grow colder here in New England, and as Marash Girl spent all last night trying to keep her toes warm, she was reminded of her father's warning.

"Don't stretch your toes beyond the length of your yorghan (quilt)!"  Marash Girl wrote to her dear friend Murat to learn the expression in its original Turkish . . . Murat writes as follows:  "Ayağını yorganına göre uzat."    (The saying exists in Armenian . . . any of you out there know how to write it?)  But what does it mean?  Can you help, dear reader?

As best as Marash Girl can figure, it means that if you want to keep your toes warm, you keep them under your blanket!  That's the metaphor, at any rate.

Okay . . . Now, dear reader, it's your turn. What is the true meaning of this expression?

As Marash Girl understands it, "Don't overstep your boundaries . . ."   Really?


  1. The meaning of that saying is: "Live Within Your Means." It has nothing to do with keeping toes or any other body parts warm.

    1. Hey, Marash Girl was just joking. And anyway, you'd better keep your toes warm in this weather! Or, as we used to say in elementary school, "Don't act so big!"

    2. Sprezz... was kidding too, anyway, here is the Armenian version,"Ոտքերդ վերմակիդ համեմատ երկնցուր:" = Votkerǝt vermagit hamemaad yergǝntsoor. Keep up the good work, Marash Girl.

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