Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Betty Crocker's Cooking For Today

As if in answer to Marash Girl's shout out to her mom (see yesterday's blog), a few hours later, at the local church thrift shop, Marash Girl found a copy of Betty Crocker's COOKING FOR TODAY, all spiffy and shiny, as new (except for the missing index, but all the tabs were still in place though slightly creased: Appetizers, Beverages & Snacks; Breads; Cakes, Pies & More (the tab creased); Desserts (the tab most creased, of course); Eggs & Cheese; Fish & Shellfish.  Marash Girl is intrigued by the imaginative ways of preparing fish that the contemporary Betty Crocker offers, and promises herself that she will try some of those recipes as well.  (Typically, Marash Girl cooks meals as the spirit leads, and only follows recipes for desserts).


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