Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Walnut Tree

Thank you, Bir Zamanlar Marash, a Facebook group located in Marash, Turkey, for the above photo of this elegant carving made over 100 years ago, presumably in Marash. The  carving appears to be made on walnut, decorating what was originally the front of a drawer or chest.  A walnut tree sacrificed itself for the above piece to be made.  

Marash Girl remembers the walnut tree in her back yard, a tree that grew quickly and became the cause of joy for all the squirrels in the neighborhood, the squirrels who would eat the walnuts just before they were ripe enough for human consumption.  Uncle Paul and Marash Girl's dad Peter tried to salvage just one walnut from the hoards of squirrels, but always failed miserably.  .Marash Girl now understands why datlusu was made from the fruit of the tree, because the unripe walnuts could be gathered by human hands before the squirrels would want them, cooked in a heavy sugar syrup (the walnuts, of course, not the squirrels) by industrious mothers like Marash Boy's, and bottled for a sweet to be eaten throughout the cold winter months.  Marash Girl's mom didn't particularly like the sweet and was happy to let the squirrels enjoy their treat!


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