Sunday, December 11, 2016

Bacon and Eggs

Mummy always cooked bacon and eggs for her family on Sunday morning.  She cooked the bacon in a stainless steel frying pan on the burners of her Westinghouse electric stove . . . a special treat for the kids (the bacon and eggs, not the frying pan or the stove)!  But why did Mummy cut the bacon strips in half (cross-wise) before she cooked them?  Marash Girl always thought it was because Mummy  was trying to stretch out the servings of bacon  . . .  so that the kids could have two pieces of bacon instead of only one . . . But, no!  Marash Girl just learned the real reason.  Cooking bacon this morning in her Cuisinart fry pan on her Wolf stove top, Marash Girl noticed that one half of the bacon strip always cooked faster than the other; or, to put it another way, one half of the bacon strip was burning black while the other half was still cooking.  Oh, okay. So finally, after all these years, Marash Girl gets it.  That's why her mother always cut the bacon strips in half.  Smart woman!  (Her mother Jennie, not Marash Girl!)


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