Monday, February 20, 2017


"I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO!" -- A film that all must see!  (And do NOT arrive at the theatre late, as there were no previews before the film began, at least not in Coolidge Corner.)  Even academic Marash Boy enjoyed it, if enjoy is the word!  Amazing to watch footage that one has lived through . . . footage so dramatically put together.

For more on James Baldwin and Marash Girl, see Marash Girl's post of 
Monday, January 3, 2011:            
"On gifting an Armenian tile to James Baldwin - August 1964 - Orly Airport"

It was on the occasion of James Baldwin's deciding things were getting bad in the good old USA, when he decided he had to return to his homeland . . . it was at that juncture that Marash Girl met James Baldwin in Paris, both of them awaiting a return flight to the USA.


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