Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Meet & Greet for Scott Lennon, Candidate for Mayor of Newton, Massachusetts

On Sunday, February 26, 2017, over 25 folks from the Maple Avenue neighborhood in Newton Corner welcomed life-long Newton resident Scott Lennon, Candidate for Mayor of Newton, Massachusetts, to a "Meet and Greet".  Above, Peter Koutoujian (in the red shirt), Sheriff of Middlesex County, introduces Scott Lennon to the folks gathered in the 150 year old Newton Corner Victorian home to greet Scott Lennon.  (Scott Lennon stands behind Peter Koutoujian in the photo above.)                                                                                                      Photo by Ben Kaufman

"Scott Lennon, Councilor-at-Large, is now running for Mayor of the City of Newton. Scott’s roots in Newton go back at least 3 generations. He is a well-regarded community servant who has been re-elected for City Council President by his peers four consecutive times. Throughout his tenure, Scott has earned the respect of colleagues and constituents alike."


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