Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Romeo & Juliet in a Teenage Girl's Bedroom

Talkback following the Classic Repertory Company's "contemporary" performance of William Shakespeare's Romeo and  Juliet.

Produced in cooperation with Boston University College of Fine Arts School of Theatre, the setting a teenage girl's bedroom, the Classic Repertory Company hopes to bring the presentation of Romeo & Juliet into high school auditoriums, to encourage young folks to understand the relevance of Shakespearean Theatre in their lives, or at the least, the relevance in our lives of the classic Shakespearean drama, Romeo & Juliet.  Above a photo of the actors on stage during a talkback with the audience following the Tuesday's show:  (in no particular order), Siobhan Carroll (Juliet), Alex Casillas (Friar Lawrence, Capulet, Peter), Katie Grindeland (Mercutio, Prince), Ivy Ryan (Benvolio, Lady Capulet), Dana Stern (Nurse, Montague), Jon Vellante (Paris, Tybalt), Samuel L. Warton (Romeo).  Clay Hopper directed the show.


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