Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Schoolbag that Returned Home

A visit to Susan Lind-Sinanian, the textile curator at the Armenian Museum of America, uncovered this little bag, a bag donated many years ago by Marash Girl, but now relegated to a drawer of items not worthy of display (note the age toning in above photo, and, not shown, large age blotches on the reverse side.)  The bag was handmade and embroidered on handwoven fabric in Marash by Marash Boy's mother (née Azniv Sanjian) when she was a young girl. She carried the bag daily in Marash on her way to and from school.  The design is created by tiny crosses upon tiny crosses, an embroidery unique to the Armenians in Marash.

Note:  to see other examples of Marash "nakhush", visit the Armenian Museum of America in Watertown, Massachusetts.


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