Sunday, December 17, 2017

Kicking a Bone from the Spring to Home

A block from the house in which Marash Girl lived for the first 20 years of her life there were woods -- only for a block, but none-the less, woods -- and at the corner of Hull Street and Lowell Avenue where the woods began, was a spring.  It was at that spring that very young Marash Girl found a fossil -- or so she thought -- an old bone that she knew must be a fossil; she feared carrying it with her hands, so she kicked the fossil up the hill, about a half a mile to her house.  When she arrived home, glad to be bearing this ancient museum piece, she was not praised for discovering the ancient fossil but rather chastised for scuffing up her brand new shoes, scuffing them for none other than a not so old bone, a bone not even worthy of a dog's interest!


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