Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Red Candles, Anyone?

Every year, during the daylight hours of December 24, Marash Girl would frantically send out a battalion of family members to search the local stores for tall red candles -- candles to light the living room, dining room, and hallway on Christmas Eve.  (We kept electric lights on in the kitchen, to make sure that we didn't use salt instead of sugar when making the syrup for the kadayif!)

This year (finally, after how many years?) Marash Girl decided to tackle the chore herself and clever girl that she was, she found a raft (literally) of tall red dripless candles at the $ store for . . . yes, a dollar for a package of two.  You guessed it!  She bought them all.  All she'll have to do now is remember to check the shelves in the basement rather than heading out to buy red candles for Christmas Eve next year . . .


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