Thursday, December 23, 2010


Sumner Lavine greeted us yesterday at Costco:  Shnorhavor Nor Dari!  My daughter Nisha did a double take -- Who was this random person wishing us  a happy new year in Armenian at Costco?  Well, of course, my dad had befriended yet another interesting character. During his weekly jaunts through Costco, my dad would sample tasty tidbits as he chatted with the dispensers of food samples, and,  if passing a couple who were chatting or arguing, he would invariably join in.  Paregam, Sumner would call to my dad. Paregam, my dad would call back to Sumner.  And that would be the beginning of a long philosophical dissertation at the end of the dairy aisle.

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  1. I dont know how it happened,before 2 mounths.I found a link about your father and post it to UMA page.It was for me just more information about Marash,but now I start to feel the life of this wounderfull person that i never met.RIP
    Asdvadz Hokin lousavore.
    Garo Derounian