Monday, December 27, 2010


14 of us lived in the two family house at 474/476 Lowell Avenue, Newtonville, 6 children, 4 steps for each of us, but I shoveled them all because I was so excited to be the first out in the snow! Whoops -- wait a second! I don't really know how many steps were in front of our house, (or how many steps I shoveled) though I climbed them every day for 18 years, and then on and off for all the years following until November 30 of this year.

How can we do something every day and not know what we're doing? I started asking people if they knew how many steps they climbed in their houses . . . Nancy said 4 -- Four? I asked her . . . In your home of 3 floors? -- No, she said, you were talking about shoveling steps! We had only four steps to shovel (I think). So I started asking . . .

Do you know how many stairs you climbed every day?

Do you know how many stairs you climb every day?

Aline, my 7 year old granddaughter, asked, What difference does it make?

Well, I wondered, what difference DOES it make, if we do something every day with no idea of what it is that we're doing . . .

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  1. this start to come a philosophy.
    Garo Derounian