Sunday, December 26, 2010


Need I say more?

But I promised Marion she would be in my blog today, so I must go on, dear reader.

85 year old Marion was at the end of the long line at the speedy check out counter where I met her as I queued up behind her -- very soon we were no longer at the end of the line, as there were now conservatively 15 people behind us! As we looked back(the line now wound past the bakery counter and up one of the aisles), we looked at faces that were grim with tension . . . and this was only December 26! Marion and I laughed and chatted. Marion had been born in Germany but had to move to Holland where she grew up (she didn't have to explain why she had to move to Holland! We both knew. . .) Feeling compassion for the folks standing behind us silently staring straight ahead, Marion suggested that were the others to chat with each other, they may not feel as grim as they appeared (of course, she dared not make this suggestion to them!) -- she said, we can't have been standing in line for more than (and we both said at the same moment) seven minutes -- at which point we both burst out into gales of laughter. My daughter Karoun, who had been observing us from a distance, grinned and shouted out, "Will you two stop making such a racket!!!" Everyone looked at Karoun in agreement, but Marion and I and now Karoun laughed even louder!

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  1. Then it was time for Mum and I to check out, Marion had been in front of us, but suddenly,she had disapeared - poof! She wasn't checking out, walking away, nor had she said goodbye. Was it real, or did we make her up to get us through the pre-blizzard chaos?