Monday, August 29, 2011

The Lottery and God's Promise

Every so often, my mother-in-law, a good and faithful woman, would buy a lottery ticket with the hope, of course, that she would win the lottery. One day she confided in me that should God allow her to win the lottery, she would give half of her winnings to the church.  I laughed and told her that God would probably allow her to win the lottery if, and only if, she would promise to give ALL her winnings to the church!

Which reminds me of a favorite joke.

A very faithful and religious man prayed daily that God would allow him to win the lottery.  He finally decided to have a serious talk with God.  God, I have followed all of your Commandments, I attend religious services regularly, I help the poor, I do good to those those who do me evil, and you still deny me the possibility of winning the lottery.  What more can I do?  God answers in a booming voice.  What more can you do?  Buy a lottery ticket!


  1. hahaha! Funny!

    Well, I do believe that gambling is not acceptable in the sight of God.

    Cassy from Classical Guitar Lessons

  2. I agree with you, Cassy, but the joke is meant to be a metaphor for life, albeit farfetched.